Welcome to Chatterbox!

Chatterbox Pre-School & Daycare Centre is a professional day care centre dedicated to providing quality child care that meets the diverse needs of each individual child and their family.

We can accommodate up to 10 two-year-olds and 16 three- and four-year-olds for a total of 42 children at a time. We also have the resources and staff to accommodate up to 30 after school children at our facilities.

We provide nutritious snacks and lunches based on the Canadian Food Guide standards. All of our experienced staff members have up to Level Two Early Childhood Education backgrounds.


Here at Chatterbox, we follow an emergent curriculum, which is a way of planning a curriculum based upon the children’s interests and passions, as well as those of the teachers. To plan an emergent curriculum requires observations, documentation and brainstorming amongst not only the faculty, but also amongst the children themselves.